Saturday March 12th 2022, Macclesfield FC hosted Ashton Athletic in an epic clash that could result in Macclesfield FC taking a 13 point over second place club Skelmersdale United at the top of the NWCFL (Northwest Counties Football League). Victory over Ashton would also ensure Macclesfield FC secured promotion.

When you think about this achievement for a club that was resurrected only a little over a year ago, it is a truly inspirational story and for the clubs new management it is a testament to, the work that has been put in by them and the rest of the staff at the club. Macclesfield FC securing the promotion in their very first season.

As the game came to its conclusion, fans began to swarm the pitch as the celebrations began, although discouraged it was fitting and it created a truly special atmosphere when the fulltime whistle was blown.

Que the celebration and the opportunity for some amazing photographs of the players, staff and supporters of this club. These celebrations continued into the early hours of Sunday morning. (By which point I was back home editing or sleeping I can’t remember)

Here are the pictures I took of Saturdays historic day when Macclesfield FC achieved promotion.

And then there were Celebrations…

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