It was only two weeks ago that Macclesfield FC secured NWCFL championship and with that earned promotion, but they still had to face, AFC Liverpool for their last game of the season. Leading goal scorer Tom Clair netted twice and Mark Duffy scored his first for the club, with an own goal, Macclesfield FC took another great victory 4 – 2. 

Watching and capturing the action from pitch side, it was an amazing atmosphere and a thrilling match. Both teams had multiple chances score, however they either slipped wide or lifted just a little over the cross bar. 

But as I said the atmosphere within the ground was amazing, fans created their new chants, about the players & owners who are hailed as hero’s for saving this small but mighty local club. 

Some of the action shots I’ve done some work on are displayed in the below galleries.

Being the last league game for the men’s team this season, regardless of the outcome on the day the work done through the previous games had guaranteed them a trophy lift at the end of the match, on top of this fact which already created an unmatched level of energy in the ground the 4 – 2 victory over their opponents on the day was almost encouraging of the pitch invasion & celebrations that followed the game.

I stayed at the ground for a couple of hours after the game to be able to get some of the shots in the below gallery of the players, coaches, mangers & local people of Macclesfield celebrating what their club has achieved in such a short period of time, in their 1st season since being bought out and resurrected by Robert Smethurhurst & Robbie Savage.

As the dust settled, I shot my final 3 images of the day showing the aftermath of the celebrations from the players, staff and fans of Macclesfield FC…

(Congratulations on taking the NWCFL champions trophy in your 1st year Maccledsfield FC)

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