If you’re looking for a complete collection of images for your whip, these are some packages custom tailored to achieve just that, although needs vary from person to person and though these are ‘pre-made’ packages they have several degrees of flexibility and can be changed and adapted to an individual to better suit themselves.

Pro pack

3 Hours of shooting time

With this package you’ll land yourself a collection of professionally shot & edited to your tune; stills, rollers & some detail shots too. 

Starting at £200

(Additional +£75 per extra hour)

Insta Worthy

3 Hours of shooting time

Exactly what you want to see from an automotive shoot on Insta. Stills & detail shots are the main selling point of this package .

Starting at £175

(Additional +£70 per extra hour)

Other Packages

Build your own package?

Here you can combine as many different styles as you may like and put your own timeframe on things to better capture exactly what you want 

Starting at £50

(Get in touch with me to discuss and we can work out what the best options and pricing will be)

Additional Services

Custom Insta Carousel £20

If you’ve been to my Instagram (Jfowles_photography) you’ll most likely know what I mean by this, if not then, well 1st why not go drop a follow, but essentially, I’ll take the images from a shoot with you and merge them into a large flowing panoramic shot that can be cut into anywhere from 2 to 10 flowing slides on an Instagram carousel post.

Revisions Available

Edit revisions are always available within reason, heavy edit requests are also accepted on shoots with myself.

All images on this Website are subject to copyright unless indicated otherwise, if you wish to use / purchase images on this website please use the contact form found on the contact page and submit your request through the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can regarding your request.

For any other requests and or enquiries please follow suit and submit concerns and questions via the contact page.

Thanks, James.